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Latest Listings

2016-05-29 20:05:54
Mr. Daniel Ntini markets himself as a veteran of eLearning Solutions and Business IT Systems at both corporate and SME level. He is the Managing Director at Intelbs. His organisation carries with it a list of partnerships and creden...
Ntsako Mabunda & Neo Caroline Masilo
2016-05-04 08:00:42
Neo Caroline Nchaki Masilo from Ilima Publishers in Wynberg Johannesburg and Ntsako Mabunda from Comair owe R16 100.00 and are refusing to pay. In my opinion beware when doing business with either of them....
She will milk you till the end and not pay
2016-05-03 15:59:18
cheapskate this one is. give her a great price and a lot of extra things done for free. then at the end she doesn't pay the final amount but brags to all her friends how great the work was. then she phones 3 months later when the gat...
Threatening and Intimidation
2016-04-19 20:56:06
Avoid doing business with Nazreen Nabbie she is a life coach who threatens people. We advised her there are structural problems on her pool after doing a pressure test and she blatantly refuses to except it calling us liars. Her comp...
Rental Agent owes money to landlord
2016-01-19 13:14:27
I engaged Ryan Chatten as my managing rental agent. My tenant\\\\\\'s lease started on 1st August 2015. Never received August rental from my tenant due to Ryan being in hospital the whole month?? September received invoice for commis...