About HelloCheapSkates.com

hellocheapskates.com is a Bad Debt Watchdog, serving the Individual, any form of Business, Company, Service or Profession. Every year Billions of Rand's are written off as Bad Debt , as people and Companies don't have the ability, knowledge, patience or resources to recover their hard earned money.

Individuals tend to rather "forget" that their friends, family members and colleagues owe them money as it becomes more of a mental drain and stress to collect what is due to them.

Companies hand over Bad Debt to Attorney's/Debt Collectors and the success rate of recovering that money is minimal. Majority of the time "chasing" bad debt becomes tedious and more expensive than what the actual debt is worth, resulting in debt being written off as a bad experience and hopefully the Individual or Company won't be put in this predicament again, whereas these "Artists" continue through life conquering the next Individual or Company all over again, never having to really answer for or face up to their misdemeanours.

Let's face it, every hard working Individual has a "soft spot" to hand over cash to those that find themselves in trouble, with just a promise of being paid back, which hardly ever happens. At a later stage, when those Individuals who have lent money to others, find themselves in a financial situation and need to collect, it becomes a total nightmare.

Companies and Professionals and those who offer Services lay out huge sums of money on set up costs, overheads, labour, materials and time and when an Individual decides to "take them on" with the intent to delay payment or not to pay at all, this very often causes major financial and emotional strain on the business and its employees. Some businesses fold and those who are fortunate enough to continue, do so with a negative impact on their growth ability. All of this has a negative effect on the general cycle of supply and demand and worst of all an increase in the rate of unemployment. This results in escalated crime and a negative vibe on the beautiful Country we live in and all those who live in it.

hellocheapskates.com is going to allow every Individual, Company, Business, Service – anybody who is owed money- the right to express and stand up for themselves against those who owe them the money, for whatever reason. hellocheapskates.com will give the right and the ability to choose whether you wish to deal with those who are listed on the website.

Fundamentally, an insight into whether there is a history of bad paying, delaying payment or worst yet, not paying at all.

The truth behind this forum, is that nobody wants to be seen in a bad light to the rest of the world, their friends and their peers and future business will be able to continue to strive and grow.