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Lime Litz Properties

I engaged Ryan Chatten as my managing rental agent. My tenant\\\\\\'s lease started on 1st August 2015. Never received August rental from my tenant due to Ryan being in hospital the whole month?? September received invoice for commission due which he subtracted from my August rent, however there is ... view >>
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the stark family

This family expects all work to be done immediately without providing deposits and keep pushing for more work....Don't even entertaine them...I have lost nearly R100 000 to this family. They reside on Aston street in sandton... Be warned... view >>
posted by astonguest

Milnerton Nissan

I had the misfortune of working for this company Milnerton NISSAN and would like the public to know that they do not pay their staff . Commission I earned was not paid to me even though I had to sign for it with Tommie and when I left the company my last months salary and leave pay was not paid , I... view >>
posted by sirmark123

Energy Solar Panel

This is a warning message – This Company is fake. They create a fraudulent order from a government department and send it to government suppliers. They then have set up a fake government office which you can call on (012) 743 6740 to confirm the order. I have listed the company details below and h... view >>
posted by MarieB


Ryan Garth Chatten - the owner of Lime Litz Properties (2005/023772/23) is a fake estate agent who takes your money and deposits for his own use. He was acting as managing agent between me and my tenant, but disappeared with one month rental and a deposit. Before cutting all ties of communicatio... view >>
posted by sandtone

Greenhouse Elite

Greenhouse Elite was supplied with mirrors and they were fitted at client of theirs in January 2015, Initial payment was on a cash basis and we didn't have any issues, We don't run accounts with our customers so they need to pay for goods C.O.D, We allowed Dee the courtesy of installing a second bat... view >>
posted by Brendof69

Mfundo Siswe Xhakaza

This is what we have Experienced and is of Our Opinion: Mfundo Siswe Xhakaza goes by many names, Cyclone Finesse, @Clone_GL, Mfundo_finesse. He is a so-called Music producer ( Finesse Beats), who uploads his music to, who constantly lies and cons people out of huge sums of money c... view >>
posted by finessed


This Women is a fraud and Fake. She has stolen my identify and managed to open a few accounts on my behalf and managed to install decoders and stole laptops. The place she lived at was even registered on ITC on my details as a tenant. She has also managed to log into my bank account and drew the m... view >>
posted by HilaryAnn


Admitted to stealing a radio valued at $800.00. Refused to pay for it. This criminal act was video taped and reported to the proper authorities. This crook was actually STUPID enough to show his Mississippi drivers license before he stole the radio. Previous address: 502 Vine Dr. Apt 2E Flow... view >>
posted by hmuller

Baloos Necessities

Jeanne Peters who is in fact Jaqueline Ann Peters, a Principal at Baloos Necessities in Kensington,Johannesburg owes me a rather large amount of Money and has not paid me. I don't think I would want a person like this as a role model for my children and would seriously consider my options before enr... view >>
posted by valeriej

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