Garrick Jerome Booker, Mississippi thief.

Listing ID: 55051
First Name: Garrick Jerome
Last Name: Booker
Area: Jackson, Ms. / Vicksburg, Ms. / Pearl, Ms.
Description: Admitted to stealing a radio valued at $800.00. Refused to pay for it. This criminal act was video taped and reported to the proper authorities. This crook was actually STUPID enough to show his Mississippi drivers license before he stole the radio. Previous address: 502 Vine Dr. Apt 2E Flowood, Ms. 39232 DOB 7/14/1973 MS DRLI 800132639 Garrick J Booker Inc 660 Heston Dr Flowood, MS 39232 (601) 665-4076 Garrick Booker Owner GARRICK J BOOKER 233 BOY SCOUT RD VICKSBURG MS 39183-1632 GARRICK J BOOKER 3210 RICE ST PEARL MS 39208-6697 Works for: Tsa Intell Systems Inc 5600 Keele St Apartment 107 Jackson, MS 39206 Phone: (601) 540-5796 Jerry Street VICE-PRESIDENT Active Maxine Horne SECRETARY Active Carol Tibodeaux-White TREASURER Active Garrick Booker CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, PRESIDENT Active
Date Posted: Friday, 12th June 2015 [8:28am]
Posted by: hmuller

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