Fraudster Women Out there - Be aware!!

Listing ID: 55052
Description: This Women is a fraud and Fake. She has stolen my identify and managed to open a few accounts on my behalf and managed to install decoders and stole laptops. The place she lived at was even registered on ITC on my details as a tenant. She has also managed to log into my bank account and drew the money at an ATM as cash vouchers. Luckily I managed to catch her out before she could do any more damage. She has a lawyer who helps her get out of the mess every time she gets caught. I had a lot of evidence against her where myself and 3 investigators went to arrest her in her house finding the evidence in her house in 2012 but for some reason the court said there was not enough evidence so they let her go!! Ya right they made it disappear man. Don\\'t be a victim. Get away and stay away from her as she makes a living out of this.
Date Posted: Friday, 12th June 2015 [2:37pm]
Posted by: HilaryAnn

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