Cyclone AKA Mfundo Siswe Xhakaza PRODUCER

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Area: Orange Grove, Johannesburg, Auckland Park, Durban South Africa
Description: This is what we have Experienced and is of Our Opinion: Mfundo Siswe Xhakaza goes by many names, Cyclone Finesse, @Clone_GL, Mfundo_finesse. He is a so-called Music producer ( Finesse Beats), who uploads his music to, who constantly lies and cons people out of huge sums of money claiming to have your singles mixed and mastered and then delivers an inferior product to unsuspecting clients who have paid. Numerous Radio stations have turned away his work, all claiming that Mfundo Siswe Xhakaza AKA Cyclone, his PRODUCTION is of an inferior standard and poor quality and the final product has NOT been Mixed nor Mastered. He constantly lies and never meets deadlines and constantly asks for more and more money to finish the Project. Cyclone, sabotages Artists, ruins reputations and will try to cause irreparable damage to your career, whilst demanding more money. He has done this to a number of people and finally he has been caught out.He Has taken all Data off a computer belonging to a company without their permission and is now holding that Data for Ransom. This is BLACKMAIL, a criminal offence. He thinks because his Parents are attorneys, Xhakaza Attorneys and "Know People" that he is untouchable, protected and even above the Law. This is one Music Producer, you do not want to work with, He even has a side-kick, known as Marli.
Date Posted: Monday, 13th July 2015 [9:19am]
Posted by: finessed

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