Doesn't Pay Suppliers

Listing ID: 55058
Company Name: Greenhouse Elite
Company Branch: JHB
Description: Greenhouse Elite was supplied with mirrors and they were fitted at client of theirs in January 2015, Initial payment was on a cash basis and we didn't have any issues, We don't run accounts with our customers so they need to pay for goods C.O.D, We allowed Dee the courtesy of installing a second batch of mirrors with the Promise of Payments to follow, which was when the problems started. Dee owes us over R5000.00 and over the past 6 months has paid us R1000.00, I've tried on several occasions to get hold of Dee, I've left voice messages and sent out Text messages with very little Response, on the odd occasion over the 6 months Dee has promised to come in and settle this amount with no sign of her as of yet, They have T&C's on their website for customers regarding payments but obviously don't abide by the same terms they set for their customers when it comes to paying suppliers, I suggest if you have any dealings with Greenhouse Elite You get your cash up front!
Date Posted: Friday, 17th July 2015 [11:34am]
Posted by: Brendof69

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