Unethical and illegal agent

Listing ID: 55060
First Name: Ryan Garth
Last Name: Chatten
Area: germiston and fourways
Description: Ryan Garth Chatten - the owner of Lime Litz Properties (2005/023772/23) is a fake estate agent who takes your money and deposits for his own use. He was acting as managing agent between me and my tenant, but disappeared with one month rental and a deposit. Before cutting all ties of communication, he was using any excuse in the book and delaying tactics - had heart attack, then relapse heart attack, his accountant was sorting payments but he couldn't provide details of an accountant, then that he had paid but from a different account and couldn't provide a proof of payment. Upon doing more investigation I found out that Ryan Garth Chatten hasn't renewed his Fidelity Certificate with Estate Agency Board since 2013 and operates illegally under the company Lime Litz Properties which is deregistered. I also got hold of his previous employer who confirmed that I was one of his many victims. Complaints have been lodged at the estate agents board and company tribunal as well as criminal case opened at the police station.
Date Posted: Monday, 7th September 2015 [1:28pm]
Posted by: sandtone

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