dishonest business practice

Listing ID: 55064
Company Name: Milnerton Nissan
Company Branch: milnerton
Description: I had the misfortune of working for this company Milnerton NISSAN and would like the public to know that they do not pay their staff . Commission I earned was not paid to me even though I had to sign for it with Tommie and when I left the company my last months salary and leave pay was not paid , I went to MIPCO and found out that my provident fund was not paid but was deducted from my salary every month . Very dishonest business practice . The owner of Milnerton Nissan also owns/ has shares in Harley Davidson Cape Town , Thrifty car hire , Infinity plus a few other dealerships so if you DO NOT LIKE DISHONEST PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THESE COMPANIES .
Date Posted: Wednesday, 2nd December 2015 [3:44pm]
Posted by: sirmark123

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