Rental Agent owes money to landlord

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Description: I engaged Ryan Chatten as my managing rental agent. My tenant\\\\\\'s lease started on 1st August 2015. Never received August rental from my tenant due to Ryan being in hospital the whole month?? September received invoice for commission due which he subtracted from my August rent, however there is a difference of R1612.00 which he never paid. He then paid for September rent. Since then, he has not paid me my October rent. Sent him numerous emails and sms\\\\\\'s. He replied to one email and a few of the sms - always stating that I have been paid and he has sent me proof of payment - which I never received. The one time I did get hold of him on the phone he promised to send it to another email address and go to the bank to find out why I have not received my money. Since then, no more communication from Ryan. I contacted my tenant and she is now paying me directly. Ryan Chatten owes me R10,612
Date Posted: Tuesday, 19th January 2016 [1:14pm]
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