Listing ID: 55071
Company Name: Daniel Ntini
Company Branch: IntelBS
Description: Mr. Daniel Ntini markets himself as a veteran of eLearning Solutions and Business IT Systems at both corporate and SME level. He is the Managing Director at Intelbs. His organisation carries with it a list of partnerships and credentials that would make any SME feel very comfortable to do business with him. Mr Ntini subcontracted our organization to do training on his behalf for The City of Tswane. This was a three month project. We employed 6 qualified trainers, who worked extremely hard to make the project a success. On 13 November 2015 Mr Ntini received his payment from the City of Tswane, He promised to pay us by 30 November 2015. To date, 27 May 2016 we have not received any money from Mr Ntini. When we phone him from our number, he does not answer his calls, when we call him from an unknown number and he hears it is us, he slams the phone down. We have tried to email him, but he does not respond or even acknowledge receipt, even though we have received a read receipt on our side. We have also been to his offices, which are now empty. Mr Daniel Ntini is the reason our small business had to close its doors. We cannot take him to court as we have no money left as we carried a lot of the expenses for the project, but we are hoping that by exposing this corrupt business man, no other small businesses will have to close their doors.
Date Posted: Sunday, 29th May 2016 [8:05pm]
Posted by: Belinda1313

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