COPA SA - Campus of Performing Arts

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Company Name: COPA
Company Branch: SOUTH AFRICA
Description: IN MY OPINION: Beware of enrolling into COPA SA - Campus of Performing Arts - Managed, Owned & Run by Garth Farrant, Celeste Farrant & David Jooste. They lure Students & Parents into the idea That COPASA is affiliated to ACM and the University of Chichester & the courses that are on offer that are aligned with a Degree are recognised by The University of Chichester. Last Year we were hit with a bombshell that ACM were no longer going to continue their Partnership with COPASA, which was a mutual agreement between the 2 parties, however the Degree program, accredited by the University would remain the same. In order to obtain entrance into the Degree Program, obviously the necessary NQF levels etc need to passed. Now the whole reason why we enrolled our Child at COPASA was due the fact of the affiliation & recognition from the University of Chichester, which now no longer seems to be the case, as on COPASA new website, there is no mention of the University nor the Degree Program. COPASA has in my opinion fraudulently taken almost 2 years of fees from me as well as the rest of the Students at COPASA who wanted to do the degree as well as robbed my Child of 2 years, wasted at COPASA. what a CON
Date Posted: Monday, 10th October 2016 [5:08pm]
Posted by: exposed

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