Samantha April De Bruin & Daniel Baron

Listing ID: 55074
Company Name: SAManagement & Events
Company Branch: CapeTown , Durban, Johannesburg & Bloemfontein
Description: I do not have permission to write my friends story, but I strongly feel that it needs to be told. My friend paid an exorbitant amount of money to Samantha April de Bruin from SAManagement & Events for a particular service that she provided. She was paid an exorbitant amount fee to plug 1 single on ALL Radio Stations in South Africa. When time came for the song to be released, she left overseas to further the career of her BOYFRIEND, Daniel Baron, without informing her client of such. She sent the song to approximately 5 radio stations and set up a few interviews and did not bother with the other radio stations. The song was such a success that a couple of Radio Stations contacted my friend directly to send the song to them. When she came back to SA , 3 months later( she was paid for these months), she came with an elaborate story and conned her(my friend) into paying more money to her to follow up & plug the next few songs, which resulted in further monies paid over to her and she desperately wanted to manage This Artist, for another exorbitant fee, which my friend declined. In the meantime she did not release the first song to all radio stations in SA and thought my friend would never find out and she waited till the day the next single was to be released and went on a Road trip with Daniel Baron to promote his career, again without mentioning this to her client. During this time she tried to stall the release of the single to the following month so that she would be paid again. When my friend confronted her as to where she was, to plug the song,she had no answer and she was then told that she was again not doing her job that she had been paid to do and went as far as to call her bluff. At this stage she clearly realised she was caught out and was not even available to plug the single, after she happily took all the money in full, by doing No work and she opted to walk away with the money and used my friends BLUFF as her excuse. In my opinion this Sam de Bruin is a con-artist,fraud that claims she fairly represents Artists. On the surface she looks legit, talks the talk, does a little bit here & there until you eventually catch on to the Con. She has refused to pay back the money she took under false pretenses as she has possibly used this money to further the career of Daniel Baron her boyfriend, which she also failed to mention as my friend did question the professionalism and ethics of it all - as maybe this is a guise to sabotage other ARTISTS, who pose a threat. She is not only trying to damage the career of this artist but she is managing to con the radio stations and music compilers who she has a friendship with, with her sweet disposition. Beware of Samantha April de Bruin, girlfriend of Daniel Baron (Children of the Sun)&(Beautiful Noise) - This is all in my opinion
Date Posted: Monday, 10th October 2016 [5:44pm]
Posted by: MusicWatchdog

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This seems the norm with Sam de Bruin. She represented my friend a few years ago when she started out along with her boyfriend Daniel Baron And your story is so similar to that of my friends, must be her modus operandi