Fastfix Group do not pay for goods & services

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Description: A warning to all individuals and companies who may be requested and or approached to provide services to Fastfix Group. Beware, you stand a very good chance of not being paid for goods and services rendered. Our client provided rates for a particular job, the rates were accepted in writing. My client provided the service and supplied the relevant invoice with a substantial discount. The responsible person (Ostensibly the company owner as indicated on the ZA companies register) a gentleman by the name of Tyronne Ogle eventually after much chasing via email, promised in writing to make payment by a certain time and date. The time and date passed and ever since then Tyronne and his staff refuse to acknowledge receipt of multiple emails requesting payment. The other two employees are a gentleman by the name of Kyle and a lady by the name of Irene who initially would acknowledge receipt of my clients emails which were sent with read requests. Avoid this company at all costs.
Date Posted: Monday, 14th November 2016 [11:46pm]
Posted by: bodypropservices

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