Fraudulent Behaviour and Misleading Information

Listing ID: 55078
First Name: Navin
Last Name: Ramkissoon
Description: This fraudster muppet agreed to have us repair his vehicle and simply drove off once we where done. He then proceeded to lie about payment [even confirmed via sms]. When approached he immediately became hostile and further lied about the repair not being valid [his car not starting] - remember he 'drove off' with his car - how the poor miscreant did that with a car not starting is amazing. I am also of the idea that this thieving lout practices this on unsuspecting victims. To make things worse, the oaf is a financial advisor for a fine establishment, Hausberger & Associates, a Discovery Accredited Brokerage. How these people were misled into hiring such a crookish yokel who is supposed to be honest, and upright, but is bent as a bob note is shocking!
Date Posted: Thursday, 17th August 2017 [3:28pm]
Posted by: skahn001

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