Kyle Matthews, Jessica Shand, Vanessa Matthews

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First Name: Kyle Matthews
Last Name: Jessica Shand
Area: Johannesburg, South Africa and London, United Kingdom
Description: Kyle Matthews brother of Kayla Matthews in Port Elizabeth, was caught stealing R14000 in Chips from me at a Casino. He begged Me not to have him arrested and promised to pay it back. This happened around March 2017 and to date he has vanished. He's in a relationship with Jessica Shand and his plan is to go live with her in the U.K. He's probably there already. He is a Singer/ Actor and has appeared in musicals such as Jersey Boys. He MC's at the Barnyard Theatre and was a Manager at Joshua Tree, which is the last contact I had with him. I chatted to the Owner there and Kyle Matthews stole from him as well. Kyle Matthews kept telling me that he was waiting for his girlfriend to send him money from the U.K. Jessica Shand lies about his whereabouts and is basically in my opinion hiding a lowlife thief who stole from me. His Mother has admitted to him being Trouble. I wonder if Jessica Shands mother, Linda Briscoe and her father James Shand would approve of this common thief being associated to their daughter. Kyle: Girlfriend: Mother: Sister: Girlfriends Mother:
Date Posted: Friday, 18th August 2017 [1:11pm]
Posted by: stolenfrom

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