Helene Klompas requests IT Services, doesn't pay

Listing ID: 55080
First Name: Helene
Last Name: Klompas
Area: Highlands North, Johannesburg
Description: I reinstalled a laptop for Helene Klompas in December 2011 (a charge of R650), in May 2012 when I kept following up she replied "I am in a very difficult financial position. Please can I pay R100 per month and if I have any extra money I will pay more?" which I agreed to, but still never received a cent. In January 2013 she said "There are plans in place to improve my difficult circumstances that will enable me to make payment as soon as possible". In 2016 she confused me with another computer technician that worked on her desktop that she also hasn't paid. I issued a letter of demand 2018 and the time has lapsed with no response.
Date Posted: Tuesday, 25th December 2018 [3:25pm]
Posted by: sheerhosting

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