Listing ID: 55083
Company Name: ww customs & detailing /wheepwhaap
Company Branch: silverton
Description: Wayne sold a car to us 19 Jan 2018 car broke down 20 minutes after we drove off he agreed to pick it up via D.O.T Towing the next day . 20 Jan 2018 Was delivered at Best Auto Repairs Silverton. We went there to speak to Tommy he said we should phone the Tuesday . We phoned he said Wayne collected the car. We agreed that he re sell the car and refund our R80 000 . messages after messages still waiting on our money although he sold that same car on 28 Feb 2018. after changing the mags saw all the new adds which he posted. He block all our nrs deleted his facebook page. also doing business as Pahda Driving School Jordy`s Food Joint previously curry den both in Eersterus Wheep whaap promotions Chairman for Poort Community WW customs & Detailing are using numerous phone nrs
Date Posted: Tuesday, 12th February 2019 [1:21pm]
Posted by: suzette

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